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Getting ready for Shaping Futures 2016!

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Henkel Beauty Care is proud to introduce Shaping Futures 2016. This is the fourth year that this programme is presented in South Africa and it promises to impact even more lives than before.

  • Enhance up-and-coming stylists’ hair care skills
  • Provide them with certification so that they have physical proof of their knowledge and skills
  • Facilitate employment opportunities for top-performing students

In 2016, the local Shaping Futures has once again partnered with the Sharpeville Foundation. This organisation focuses on developing the community in Sharpeville, an area synonymous with the country’s struggle history. Just like Shaping Futures, it aims to equip the youth with valuable skills so that they can play their part in South Africa’s development. Confirming the programme’s growth and popularity, it will be presented twice this year – with the first course kicking off in February.

Thirty students are chosen to participate in each course through a rigorous application and interview process. The majority of students (all between 18 and 30) will have some professional hair care experience, but the course will also cater for individuals with no professional experience. After completing the first course, the group without professional experience gets a chance to qualify as ‘experienced’ participants in the second course in 2016.

Training once again takes place at the state-of-the-art Shaping Futures / Le Looks Training Academy in the Johannesburg CBD. The curriculum covers cutting, styling, colouring, treatments, hygiene, salon ethics and image, as well as a business module. Students will also be required to work as apprentices in salons on Saturdays to gain practical experience. The programme is presented by experienced South African and international stylists and trainers who volunteer their services.

What’s more each programme starts with an opening breakfast for salon owners to get their buy-in and end with a certification ceremony. In between salon owners have a chance to interview the students for possible job placements.

Shaping Futures Background

The programme’s history goes back to 2008. Two years prior to the worldwide launch, Japanese Schwarzkopf Professional employees travelled to Cambodia to teach basic hairdressing skills to street kids and enable them to pursue a career in the beauty industry. In November 2010, Shaping Futures training courses premiered in SOS Children’s Villages in Peru and India, quickly expanding to Morocco, Latvia, Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam and Russia during the following two years. In 2013, young people from Slovenia, Tunisia, South Africa, as well as orphans and refugees in Spain and Germany had the chance to participate in the programme for the first time. In 2014, five additional countries came also on board: Philippines, Jordan, Ukraine, Poland, and Croatia. In 2015, six new countries came on board: Romania, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina.

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